With Window Cleaning Services in Guildford, Building Height Is Not a Factor

Did you know that accumulated limescale and dust stains can reflect the incoming sunlight? Did you also know that, during winter, this would trap moisture between the window panes, stimulating the growth of mildew and the spread of insects? Don’t risk any scratches using conventional cleaning methods – entrust your window façade to the window cleaners in Guildford! We have developed a hassle-free method that will literally blast away all obstacles on sunlight’s path by using a powerful water-fed pole equipment and stain-absorbing water formula. Give us a call today on or send us an e-mail to learn more!

Gain the Upper Hand in Your Fight Against Stubborn Stains…

…By hiring skilled window cleaners in Guildford to deal with anything from single and double windows to French doors and glass roofs. They’ll also clean every inch of your PVC and UPVC frames and sills for free! But we’ve prepared even more pleasant surprises:

  • Convenient cleaning method that won’t invade your privacy with ladders or affect your health with strong sanitizing solutions;
  • Full week availability (bank holidays included) when booking a session and equal price rates regardless of your choice;
  • Up to a 45% discount when you hire the BWCA-certified and vetted experts for a regular window cleaning session. More discounts available when combined with domestic cleaning;
  • Convenient key pick-up and delivery service for when you need to be out of town or in your office;
  • 24/7 customer care crew who will always help you schedule or re-schedule your appointment and answer all your questions.

Our Window Cleaning Method Explained

Our window cleaning services in Guildford are achieved via long, telescopic gear – a water-fed pole with a brush-head at its end. What makes this method one of the safest out there is the fact that this pole is 22 metres long, which is more than enough to cover any four-storey building. And just like with our gutter cleaning, the modern equipment is a bright sign of the great results you can expect.

The machine is connected to a water tank inside the cleaning team’s vehicle, filled with limescale-free water. The liquid travels all the way up to the brush-head and emerges as a powerful stream of water that will absorb dust and dirt stains, as well as limescale and chemical residue. We’ll then leave your windows to dry off at direct sunlight. Once the final drop of water has been evaporated, your glass panes will retain their transparency for weeks to come.

As for buildings whose height exceeds that of the fourth floor, we have another cleaning method – rope access window cleaning. Here, skilled abseilers will rope down from the highest point of your property or use cherry pickers and ladders to efficiently polish otherwise unattainable windows. We also offer internal window cleaning, which may require the use of ladders and squeegees.

Please note: We need a parking space within 30 metres from your property and on the same side of your windows – our equipment is attached to the van.

Preserve Your Home’s Appeal – Call Us Now!

Your window cleaning Guildford appointment can be easily arranged by pressing several digits on your phone – . If online booking is your cup of tea instead, we’ll gladly review your email, your submitted booking form, or your message on our live chat. Help us get an idea of your windows’ location, height, and type, and we’ll give you a free price quote that is as precise as possible!

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