With Tenancy Cleaning in Guildford, Your Bond Is Not Going Anywhere!

Our end of tenancy cleaning in Guildford GU1 is key in maintaining the delicate relationship between tenants, landlords, and estate agents. For example, tenants who are about to move out of a property, cannot hope to get the tenancy deposit in full (or sometimes even at all) if they leave the place in a total mess. The same thing goes for landlords – no self-respecting renters would ever want to live in a home that is littered with useless junk from previous owners and is decorated with stains of questionable origin. As for estate agents, they won’t be able to sell the property to anybody, no matter how many magic tricks they may try to perform.

Restore the Balance With Our Local Solution

Not a single room in your property will get overlooked by your trusty end of tenancy cleaners Guildford GU1. You won’t have to make a trip to your local store either as the team’s van is brimming with proven detergents and modern cleaning gear. And a well-cleaned property will work out for everyone – bonds will get returned, new and reliable owners will be found in no time, and estate agents will gain regular customers.

End of tenancy cleaning GuildfordWith all said and done, how does our service differ from a regular domestic cleaning session?

For starters, tenancy cleaning Guildford is not carried out at regular intervals, but only once. It is also not limited by mere dusting, wiping, and polishing of surfaces, but is instead designed to deliver a comprehensive spring clean. Finally, we use incredibly thorough checklists, approved by landlords and agencies, to ensure that our results would enjoy nothing but positive feedback.

And in case you need your waste disposed of before you rent the property or try to get your bond back, our rubbish collection will do the trick.

How Can the Move Out Cleaners Guildford Be of Any Help?

By bringing along a wide variety of professional tools, of course. Those range from cobweb brushes, metal scrapers, and ladders to window squeegees, oven degreasing products, and vacuum cleaners, all of which allow the tenancy cleaners Guildford to:

  • Disperse the dust from all woodwork and furniture;
  • Mop all floors and clean around the fireplace (if any);
  • Wipe window frames and sills and polish glass panes;
  • Brush away cobwebs and remove fingerprints from doors;
  • Move and clean beneath and behind light furniture;
  • Remove food deposits and burnt-on carbon from kitchen appliances;
  • Unclog sinks, remove limescale from bathroom tiles, and sanitize the toilet.

And here’s how we’ll make our seemingly daunting service as customer-friendly as possible:

  • We offer flexible booking slots that allow you to make a booking for any day of the week and for bank holidays. Payment is identical for each choice;
  • If some of the stains have proven to be more resilient than we expected, you can always call us within the next 72 hours and we’ll do a free re-clean!;
  • You can never go wrong with hiring certified and thoroughly vetted specialists for the tasks at hand. You can even ask them for professional tips!;
  • Attractive rates and discounts when service is ordered along with carpet cleaning;
  • We’re always available on the other side of our phone lines, no matter if it’s the sun or moon that illuminates the skies.

Keep the End of Tenancy Cycle Unaltered Today!

Your end of tenancy cleaning Guildford GU1 session is merely a phone call away – get in touch 24/7 via and one of our outgoing advisers will assist you with the booking process. You could always get in touch online as well – e-mail, instant chat, and online booking forms are available at any time you need them. You’ll receive a complimentary price quote as soon as the last little detail has been arranged!

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