Guttering in Guildford GU1 That Won't Boomerang

Your Clogged Gutter System Is an Infestation Waiting to Happen

You will be surprised to learn just how many varieties of pests your gutters could host once they’ve been hopelessly clogged with natural refuse. Mosquitoes, mice, carpenter ants, earwigs, roaches, and wasps will all want a slice of your aluminum cake. And it goes without saying that they won’t be asking for your permission.

What Has Invited Your Uninvited Guests?

The small camera of the wet hoover, used to carry out gutter cleaning in Guildford GU1, will find you the exact culprit. Which often takes the form of ample supplies of still rainwater and moisture, created by an artificial dam of leaves, twigs, and branches inside your pipes. It is a safe haven devoid of competitors, strong winds and treacherous water currents, which the insects will gladly use to lay their eggs and multiply.

Fend the Intruders With the Help of Trusty Experts

Sure, you could try using LED lights or plant catnips in your back yard, but that will only provide you with a temporary fix. Or you could go for the permanent solution – simply hire gutter cleaners Guildford GU1 to clean your drainage pipes as often as possible and avoid the problem altogether!

During each guttering session, the local experts will deploy a special wet vacuum hoover. What is so special about it, you may ask? Its pole can extend to 12 metres in length – in practice, this means that the technicians can easily clean virtually any gutter system from the safety of the ground. Not only that, but the equipment comes with a small high-definition camera that will inspect your gutters and downpipes above the ground level inch by inch. Any pest encampment will be efficiently sucked in by the powerful vacuum cleaner, while potential small holes will be immediately treated by the team on the spot. Finally, the same camera will be responsible for taking before and after pictures – please let us know whether our results have met your expectations!

Take into account: We will not look into gutters with guards and we need to connect our equipment to any electrical outlet in your property!

Take a Look at Our Handy Perks

You can easily get your drainage system up and running at a time of your convenience with your trusty guttering in Guildford GU1. But we know that mere words are not convincing and that’s why we also offer:

  • Available discounts when you combine the service with junk removal or window cleaning;
  • Workday, weekend, and bank holiday appointments at equal price rates;
  • A professional cleaning method devoid of ladders and toxic cleaning products;
  • Seasoned technicians with a friendly attitude and complete Health & Safety Training;
  • 24/7 customer support that never sleeps and will gladly supply you with the requested information;
  • If your gutters are as infested as they were before our arrival, call us within one month for a free re-clean!

Get Our Service Today and Avoid New Neighbours

It’s easy to obtain our gutter cleaning services in Guildford. You can pick up your phone and and one of our friendly advisers will walk you through the rest. Our e-mail, website live chat, and online booking form will be just as effective. Choose your method now to receive your accurate & free price quotation!

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