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Coffee, make-up, ketchup, dirt, juice, cooking oil stains… the variety of smudges that could land on your carpet is enormous. And, once they do, they will be very difficult to remove without ruining the fabric any further. Luckily, the carpet cleaners in Guildford GU1 have the right detergent for each colourful blob they’ll need to deal with! Make sure to inform the specialists of your rug’s material so that they could select the carpet cleaning method that suits your situation best.

Reap the Benefits of Your Local Service

We understand that our fair carpet cleaning Guildford GU1 prices alone will not be able to get you on board. That’s why we also have:

  • Flexible booking slots: Whether you want an equally priced workday, weekend, or bank holiday appointment depends solely on your preferences;
  • Around the clock phone lines: Call us 24/7 to manage bookings, receive answers to your questions, or simply learn more about our company;
  • Trusty technicians: All experts are certified, vetted, carry Ids and use Prochem-approved products;
  • Irresistible deals: You can step it up further and earn discounts by combining our service with upholstery, sofa, curtain, or mattress treatment.

Our experience shows that customers which have combined move out cleaning or domestic cleaning along with their carpet cleaning are more than satisfied with the results. But not only that, you save money and hassles this way!

Let’s Have a Look at Our Cleaning Options

Your rug type will largely determine which one of our cleaning services in Guildford GU1 would be the safest to use:

  • Dry carpet treatment: We’ll use spray and powder-based products to refresh the fibres of exotic carpets.
  • Steam carpet treatment: We’ll pre-treat all stains by injecting steam into your rug’s fabric.
  • Hot water extraction method: We’ll blast all smudges away with hot water under high pressure.

In addition to that, you can also add the aforementioned mattress, curtains, upholstery, & sofa cleaning into the mix for a fresher household!

What Makes Our Rug Cleaning Methods so Distinct?

Dry Guildford GU1 carpet cleaning, our first option on the list, is not designed to remove any kind of stains. Instead, the special cleaning products that the carpet technicians will use are aimed at improving the visual appearance of otherwise delicate sisal, seagrass, or other rugs.

What about steam carpet cleaning? It’s simple – the technician will use a special machine to warm up water up to a high temperature. The steam will then be injected and extracted back (together with all fluids or other adhesive materials) into the machine. In order to make this work, it is of key importance to mention the origin of the stain(s) in advance.

Our final option, hot water extraction cleaning, is the most frequently requested one. After placing pads beneath your furniture and finding out your carpet’s PH scale, the local expert will assemble the tubes of special equipment. The carpet machine will be filled with a mixture of detergents and water, which will be released under high pressure and later vacuumed away, together with all the dirt. Synthetic and woollen rugs will benefit the most from this method.

Don’t Stop Reaping Your Benefits Just Yet…

…Because you have much more coming your way:

  • Our popular hot water extraction cleaning can extract up to 95% of the remaining moisture!;
  • If you wish, we can apply a protective Scotchgard layer or use an Air Mover to dry out your rug in no time;
  • The Guildford GU1 carpet cleaners are more than willing to provide you with free viewings & tips on how to maintain your carpet;
  • Your local service is not hourly based and the specialist will only exit your front door once the desired result has been achieved.

Please be mindful of the fact that we cannot guarantee full stain removal!

Getting in Touch Has Never Been Easier

Take your pick – either or use our e-mail, online booking form, or real-time chat to hire Guildford GU1 carpet cleaners. One of our friendly representatives will want to know more about your rug’s type, size, and condition. Once you’ve provided all the answers, we’ll return the favour by granting you a free, non-obligation quote for your service!

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