Everything Your Home Needs | Cleaners in Guildford

Maybe you’ve shared some of your wine with the carpet right next to you. Or perhaps your entire home needs a gentle reminder that it should put its chaotic lifestyle to rest. And who is going to fix all of this better than your trusty Cleaners in Guildford? You already know the answer – no stain will have the courage to stand up against the specialists’ professional equipment and eco-friendly products. Just make sure to send an e-mail or give us a quick ring at so that we could make all the necessary arrangements.

Cleaners in Guildford Got You Covered

A messy home is incredibly alluring to many kinds of harmful bacteria. Misplaced items will also often act as a distraction and you’ll unconsciously waste your time with finding them a new place instead of doing what you need.

By allowing Cleaners in Guildford to organize and disinfect your home, you’ll not only remain healthy, but also significantly boost your productivity and creativity.

Let’s Review the Cleaning Tools at Your Disposal

With cleaning services in GU1, we can help you get all your chores done in a matter of hours:

  • Domestic cleaning: Hire a maid to regularly maintain the cosiness of your home or get an expert team to clean areas that you’ve ticked in your personal checklist.
  • Gutter cleaning: Cockroaches, centipedes, leaves, moss, branches, and dirt will no longer damage your gutters once our wet vacuum hoover passes through.
  • Carpet cleaning: Our steam, dry, and hot water extraction cleaning methods are designed to treat everything from synthetic & woollen to sisal & seagrass rugs.
  • Oven cleaning: We will dismantle and clean all parts of your kitchen appliance to optimize its energy efficiency and deal with the permeating smell of charred food.
  • Window cleaning: We’ll either use telescopic water-fed pole equipment or send a skilled team of abseilers so that your domain may once again bask in sunlight.
  • End of tenancy cleaning: Is giving up on your bond not an option? Hire us for a meticulous clean that will meet the demands of both landlords and estate agencies.
  • Rubbish removal: Sooner or later, old furniture just has to go. We’ll collect and dispose of it and of other types of rubbish at the nearest recycling centre.

All home cleaning services will be performed by seasoned professionals from Cleaners in Guildford, who:

  • Will handle dusting, hoovering, wiping, and all else with great care and in compliance with your instructions;
  • Are vetted, have undergone extensive training, and arrive in branded vehicles & uniforms;
  • Come equipped with the latest cleaning gadgets and health-friendly products that nonetheless pack a good punch.

Why Should You Look Our Way?

Because we will never invade your privacy and always arrive on time. And also because:

  • We are never asleep: Contact our support centre 24/7 to request free quotes, reschedule sessions, and more;
  • Customizable bookings: Choose any day of the week (bank holidays count, too) and consider your appointment arranged.
  • Mix & match: Combine different cleaning services to benefit from discounts and to end up with more free time;
  • Stable rates: Your final price remains unaltered by hidden fees, deposits, or minimum contract obligations.

And while we get down to work, why not answer Guildford’s call to adventure? You could start from the town’s emblematic Guildford Castle – climb its Great Tower to enjoy a panoramic view that is fit for any king. Or visit its surrounding gardens to contemplate the statue of Alice Through the Looking Glass. If you enjoy swimming, then you’ll be excited to learn that the town hosts its very own open-air pool – the Lido, which is surrounded by beautiful landscape gardens. Or stop by the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre to enjoy everything from classic plays to opera, ballet, comedy & music performances. Meanwhile, your now neat home will patiently await your return.

Your Guildford House Cleaning Is Just a Few Steps Away

  1. Choose how you would wish to contact us. is available around the clock… and so are our e-mail, website live chat, and online booking form!
  2. Pick a desired service and inform us of your choice so that we could assist you in your booking process.
  3. Tell us more about the property you live in, such as its dimensions and postcode.
  4. Receive your non-obligation price estimate for your service and meet your Guildford cleaner!

Reliable Pros | Oven Cleaning in Guildford GU1

So often do food spills, grease, and burnt-on carbon mar our cookers that we sometimes end up perceiving them as part of the natural coating. But leave them there for too long and you’ll be enjoying nothing but funny-tasting food and high electricity bills. Order our oven cleaning service Guildford GU1 and you won’t have to deal with that anytime soon! The team of local specialists have just what they need to deal with even the toughest stain crusts on both the outside and inside of your kitchen appliance.

How Can Cooker Cleaning Be of Service?

Let us begin by offering you a small, complementary package from the moment we confirm your booking – a free of charge oven inspection & tips on how to improve its energy efficiency! Here’s what you’ll also get via hiring oven cleaners in Guildford GU1:

  • Thorough cleaning procedure that is carried out with eco-friendly products and a convenient dip tank method;
  • Small repairs or complete replacement of any faulty components that the team finds inside of your cooker;
  • Certified and vetted technicians who will polish every single element of your kitchen appliance;
  • Options for significant discounts when combining this service with other services like carpet and rug cleaning and window cleaning;
  • Phone lines that are available 24/7 and equally priced bookings for any day of the week and for bank holidays.

Professional Oven Cleaning and How It’s Done

Let us walk you through our stove cleaning steps:

  1. The Guildford GU1 oven cleaners will perform a quick inspection of your oven to spot any potential faults.
  2. They will cover the area around your oven to protect your kitchen from extra spills and smudges and will dismantle the stove to take a look inside.
  3. Separate parts, such as fans, control knobs, and heaters, will be submerged in a special container – the dip tank.
  4. While the grime on the components is being dissolved by strong sanitizing products inside the tank, the cleaning team will scrub every crevice and corner of the interior and exterior oven walls. The double glass oven door will also be delivered from scorched dinner remains.
  5. The parts will be taken out, cleaned with wired brushes and sponges, and rinsed under running water for best results. At this stage, any defective parts can be easily replaced upon request.
  6. You’ll be able to use your frying pans and pressure-cookers as soon as everything has been re-connected and polished!

Cook What You Love Twice As Fast Today…

…By scheduling an oven valeting Guildford GU1 session on ! You could send an e-mail, submit our booking form, or use our instant chat as well and we’ll get back to you just as fast. Mention your oven type and whether you want us to cover any additional kitchen appliances and you’ll get your accurate price quote in the blink of an eye.


Local Pros | Gutter Cleaning in Guildford GU1

Your Clogged Gutter System Is an Infestation Waiting to Happen

You will be surprised to learn just how many varieties of pests your gutters could host once they’ve been hopelessly clogged with natural refuse. Mosquitoes, mice, carpenter ants, earwigs, roaches, and wasps will all want a slice of your aluminum cake. And it goes without saying that they won’t be asking for your permission.

What Has Invited Your Uninvited Guests?

The small camera of the wet hoover, used to carry out gutter cleaning in Guildford GU1, will find you the exact culprit. Which often takes the form of ample supplies of still rainwater and moisture, created by an artificial dam of leaves, twigs, and branches inside your pipes. It is a safe haven devoid of competitors, strong winds and treacherous water currents, which the insects will gladly use to lay their eggs and multiply.

Fend the Intruders With the Help of Trusty Experts

Sure, you could try using LED lights or plant catnips in your back yard, but that will only provide you with a temporary fix. Or you could go for the permanent solution – simply hire gutter cleaners Guildford GU1 to clean your drainage pipes as often as possible and avoid the problem altogether!

During each guttering session, the local experts will deploy a special wet vacuum hoover. What is so special about it, you may ask? Its pole can extend to 12 metres in length – in practice, this means that the technicians can easily clean virtually any gutter system from the safety of the ground. Not only that, but the equipment comes with a small high-definition camera that will inspect your gutters and downpipes above the ground level inch by inch. Any pest encampment will be efficiently sucked in by the powerful vacuum cleaner, while potential small holes will be immediately treated by the team on the spot. Finally, the same camera will be responsible for taking before and after pictures – please let us know whether our results have met your expectations!

Take into account: We will not look into gutters with guards and we need to connect our equipment to any electrical outlet in your property!

Take a Look at Our Handy Perks

You can easily get your drainage system up and running at a time of your convenience with your trusty guttering in Guildford GU1. But we know that mere words are not convincing and that’s why we also offer:

  • Available discounts when you combine the service with junk removal or window cleaning;
  • Workday, weekend, and bank holiday appointments at equal price rates;
  • A professional cleaning method devoid of ladders and toxic cleaning products;
  • Seasoned technicians with a friendly attitude and complete Health & Safety Training;
  • 24/7 customer support that never sleeps and will gladly supply you with the requested information;
  • If your gutters are as infested as they were before our arrival, call us within one month for a free re-clean!

Get Our Service Today and Avoid New Neighbours

It’s easy to obtain our gutter cleaning services in Guildford. You can pick up your phone and dial and one of our friendly advisers will walk you through the rest. Our e-mail, website live chat, and online booking form will be just as effective. Choose your method now to receive your accurate & free price quotation!


Domestic Cleaning in Guildford for Every Household

Why do we always have to postpone cleaning until the whole clutter in the world decides to pay our home a visit? It’s easy – because visual appearance has always mattered. But so does our health. With our domestic cleaning in Guildford by your side, you’ll be able to get back at the dust on your furniture, dissolve seemingly invincible stains in your bathroom and kitchen, and generally keep your home germ and disease-free. And, once you learn about our affordable prices on you’ll be tempted to act long before the next spring arrives!

Get Our Local Service & Choose Your Cleaning Path

Get Regular Cleaning to…

…Benefit from weekly, fortnightly, and monthly visitations by the same experienced cleaner. Each home cleaning Guildford session includes internal window cleaning, floor mopping, dusting of various surfaces, and changing of bed sheets. The maid could also take care of your silverware or watch after your pet, but only if you so desire. The cleaner will not bring professional cleaning products or equipment along.

Get One-off Cleaning to…

Clean up after intense social events or when you’ve simply had it with all the clutter and century-old stains. This house cleaning Guildford session will be performed only once by a well-trained team of experienced domestic cleaners. As for what they clean, it depends solely on you – we will provide you with a personal checklist where you can mark those areas of your home that need the most attention. Some options include carpet hoovering, bathroom scrubbing & disinfection, thorough maintenance of kitchen appliances, cleaning behind and beneath furniture and much, much more! The spring cleaning results vary depending on the number of hired specialists, as well as on the amount of hours for which they were booked. The team will bring their own professional detergents and equipment.

In case you are a tenant who is about to move out or a landlord preparing his property for rent, take a look at our end of tenancy cleaning service.

Customize Your Bookings Your Way

You can mix & match domestic cleaning Guildford with any of the following:

  • Window cleaning: Limescale, dust, rainwater residue, and much more will melt away before our water-fed pole’s powerful blasts of purified water.
  • Oven cleaning: Each cooker part will be carefully submerged in a sanitizing solution to increase its energy efficiency and deliver it from grease & burnt-on carbon.
  • Carpet cleaning: The cleaning experts will choose between steam, dry, and hot water extraction cleaning to refresh your rug’s fabric without ruining it in any way.

No matter what you choose to include, you’ll receive a guaranteed discount!

See What Makes Us Dependable

Your final price will stay that way – we won’t require you to sign minimum contract obligations or pay any upfront deposits. See how we deliver a smooth customer experience below:

  • All house cleaners have been vetted, certified, carry Id cards, and arrive in branded vehicles & clothing;
  • We can offer a convenient key pick-up and delivery service for when unexpected circumstances prohibit you from meeting the cleaners on site;
  • You can schedule a local session 7 days a week and for bank holidays for one and the same price;
  • Ironing and laundry can be a part of either service, as long as the cleaners have enough time to perform it.

Maintain Your Home in Great Shape – Get in Touch Today!

Cleaners in Guildford are readily available 24/7 both over the phone and online. For the first option, all you need to do is dial and one of our friendly representatives will make sure to reply you back at a moment’s notice. To contact us online, you could write us an email, stop by to say “Hi” on our real-time chat, or submit our intuitive booking form. Once you’ve made your appointment, don’t be quick to leave – we’ll provide you with a free, non-obligatory price quote on the spot!


Opt for Proven Professionals | Window Cleaning Guildford

Did you know that accumulated limescale and dust stains can reflect the incoming sunlight? Did you also know that, during winter, this would trap moisture between the window panes, stimulating the growth of mildew and the spread of insects? Don’t risk any scratches using conventional cleaning methods – entrust your window façade to the window cleaners in Guildford! We have developed a hassle-free method that will literally blast away all obstacles on sunlight’s path by using a powerful water-fed pole equipment and stain-absorbing water formula. Give us a call today on or send us an e-mail to learn more!

Gain the Upper Hand in Your Fight Against Stubborn Stains…

…By hiring skilled window cleaners in Guildford to deal with anything from single and double windows to French doors and glass roofs. They’ll also clean every inch of your PVC and UPVC frames and sills for free! But we’ve prepared even more pleasant surprises:

  • Convenient cleaning method that won’t invade your privacy with ladders or affect your health with strong sanitizing solutions;
  • Full week availability (bank holidays included) when booking a session and equal price rates regardless of your choice;
  • Up to a 45% discount when you hire the BWCA-certified and vetted experts for a regular window cleaning session. More discounts available when combined with domestic cleaning;
  • Convenient key pick-up and delivery service for when you need to be out of town or in your office;
  • 24/7 customer care crew who will always help you schedule or re-schedule your appointment and answer all your questions.

Our Window Cleaning Method Explained

Our window cleaning services in Guildford are achieved via long, telescopic gear – a water-fed pole with a brush-head at its end. What makes this method one of the safest out there is the fact that this pole is 22 metres long, which is more than enough to cover any four-storey building. And just like with our gutter cleaning, the modern equipment is a bright sign of the great results you can expect.

The machine is connected to a water tank inside the cleaning team’s vehicle, filled with limescale-free water. The liquid travels all the way up to the brush-head and emerges as a powerful stream of water that will absorb dust and dirt stains, as well as limescale and chemical residue. We’ll then leave your windows to dry off at direct sunlight. Once the final drop of water has been evaporated, your glass panes will retain their transparency for weeks to come.

As for buildings whose height exceeds that of the fourth floor, we have another cleaning method – rope access window cleaning. Here, skilled abseilers will rope down from the highest point of your property or use cherry pickers and ladders to efficiently polish otherwise unattainable windows. We also offer internal window cleaning, which may require the use of ladders and squeegees.

Please note: We need a parking space within 30 metres from your property and on the same side of your windows – our equipment is attached to the van.

Preserve Your Home’s Appeal – Call Us Now!

Your window cleaning Guildford appointment can be easily arranged by pressing several digits on your phone – . If online booking is your cup of tea instead, we’ll gladly review your email, your submitted booking form, or your message on our live chat. Help us get an idea of your windows’ location, height, and type, and we’ll give you a free price quote that is as precise as possible!


Cleaners in Guilford | Customers’ Testimonials

Cleaners in Guildford have always been interested in your opinion. Your feedback helps improve the services and fix small issues before they become bigger ones. Have a quick look at what the clients in Guildford said about our services and how did they rate us:

  • “I’ve used your services for two years now. And for that period, we became friends with my cleaner, she never disappointed me. Pleased with your work.”

    Kristine 4

  • “I’ve never seen my windows brighter! Really great results, will recommend your services.”

    Cathlene 5

  • “Since I waited to the very last second to book a cleaning company, I was not expecting such tremendous results. I am lucky to have found you even in the last minute.”

    Thomas 5

  • “More than pleased with the service. Had my first one-off cleaning, certainly not my last one.”

    Joshua 4

  • “We got an one-off deep cleaning and we are amazed by the end result. Not a stain left, totally worth it. Already recommended you.”

    Sasha 4

Contact us on and let our phone representatives explain you in details everything you need to know. Another easy way to connect with us is filling in our online booking form or using our website chat tool. Call today and order our convenient cleaning in Guildford!


Excellent Rubbish Removal in Guildford GU1

The day has only 24 hours and the busy life in Guildford GU1 easily consumes most of it, leaving little time for boring chores. Everyday duties are being pushed down the pecking order in favour of tasks of higher importance and that makes a lot of sense. Duties like cleaning and rubbish removal are best left to proven professionals for many good reasons. We offer you fast and affordable rubbish removal in Guildford that will save you time and effort.

Why We Are Among The Best For Rubbish Collection in Guildford

Health and safety. In cases where heavy or bulky objects need to be removed, ideally, you should call on an expert company to give you a hand. Trying to do it yourself poses serious risks of injury.

Convenient waste collection. The field operatives are able to arrive within 2 hours of your call (subject to availability). We may even provide waste removal during odd hours although there might be extra fees in those cases.

24/7 customer service. Our customer service centre works around the clock for your convenience. Feel free to give us a ring anytime. Our number is .

Free estimates. Every customer is entitled to receiving an estimate price, provided he/she can supply description/photos of the rubbish.

Confirmation email. We take the job quite seriously and make sure all details are confirmed with our clients in writing. A confirmation email containing service specification will be sent out to all who book with us.

Discounts and fair pricing. Prices are given on the basis of weight/volume on the rubbish. This gives our pricing method the needed flexibility to always supply correct, fair prices. Order your rubbish collection combined with our domestic cleaning or gutter maintenance and receive discounts.

How to Organise a Rubbish Removal Service in Guildford GU1

Booking with us is a fairly simple process. You have a few options to get in touch with us.

  1. Call us on and receive a free estimate. This is, by far, the fastest way to get things moving.
  2. Enter the live chat and talk with our representatives there.
  3. Check out the contact form on the site and fill it out. We will later get back to you as soon as possible.

A Few Interesting Facts About Guildford

The area traces its origins all the way back to the Roman occupation of these lands. William the Conqueror ordered the construction of a castle which was to exert control over the local population. The town was prosperous during Medieval times having as many as 1,000 inhabitants.


Get 24/7 | End of Tenancy Cleaning Guildford GU1

Our end of tenancy cleaning in Guildford GU1 is key in maintaining the delicate relationship between tenants, landlords, and estate agents. For example, tenants who are about to move out of a property, cannot hope to get the tenancy deposit in full (or sometimes even at all) if they leave the place in a total mess. The same thing goes for landlords – no self-respecting renters would ever want to live in a home that is littered with useless junk from previous owners and is decorated with stains of questionable origin. As for estate agents, they won’t be able to sell the property to anybody, no matter how many magic tricks they may try to perform.

Restore the Balance With Our Local Solution

Not a single room in your property will get overlooked by your trusty end of tenancy cleaners Guildford GU1. You won’t have to make a trip to your local store either as the team’s van is brimming with proven detergents and modern cleaning gear. And a well-cleaned property will work out for everyone – bonds will get returned, new and reliable owners will be found in no time, and estate agents will gain regular customers.

With all said and done, how does our service differ from a regular domestic cleaning session?

For starters, tenancy cleaning Guildford is not carried out at regular intervals, but only once. It is also not limited by mere dusting, wiping, and polishing of surfaces, but is instead designed to deliver a comprehensive spring clean. Finally, we use incredibly thorough checklists, approved by landlords and agencies, to ensure that our results would enjoy nothing but positive feedback.

And in case you need your waste disposed of before you rent the property or try to get your bond back, our rubbish collection will do the trick.

How Can the Move Out Cleaners Guildford Be of Any Help?

By bringing along a wide variety of professional tools, of course. Those range from cobweb brushes, metal scrapers, and ladders to window squeegees, oven degreasing products, and vacuum cleaners, all of which allow the tenancy cleaners Guildford to:

  • Disperse the dust from all woodwork and furniture;
  • Mop all floors and clean around the fireplace (if any);
  • Wipe window frames and sills and polish glass panes;
  • Brush away cobwebs and remove fingerprints from doors;
  • Move and clean beneath and behind light furniture;
  • Remove food deposits and burnt-on carbon from kitchen appliances;
  • Unclog sinks, remove limescale from bathroom tiles, and sanitize the toilet.

And here’s how we’ll make our seemingly daunting service as customer-friendly as possible:

  • We offer flexible booking slots that allow you to make a booking for any day of the week and for bank holidays. Payment is identical for each choice;
  • If some of the stains have proven to be more resilient than we expected, you can always call us within the next 72 hours and we’ll do a free re-clean!;
  • You can never go wrong with hiring certified and thoroughly vetted specialists for the tasks at hand. You can even ask them for professional tips!;
  • Attractive rates and discounts when service is ordered along with carpet cleaning;
  • We’re always available on the other side of our phone lines, no matter if it’s the sun or moon that illuminates the skies.

Keep the End of Tenancy Cycle Unaltered Today!

Your end of tenancy cleaning Guildford GU1 session is merely a phone call away – get in touch 24/7 via and one of our outgoing advisers will assist you with the booking process. You could always get in touch online as well – e-mail, instant chat, and online booking forms are available at any time you need them. You’ll receive a complimentary price quote as soon as the last little detail has been arranged!


Contact Us in Many Ways | Request a Cleaning Quote

Regardless of whether you need a carpet cleaning or a comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning session, the ways to book a cleaner remain available 24/7 and are just as simple. If you don’t mind having a phone conversation, then dial and request a cleaning quote today! To get things in gear online, you could use our e-mail address or chat with a service representative on our website. You could also submit our booking form below.

No matter how you choose to go about it, your free estimate is guaranteed!


Local Pros | Carpet Cleaners in Guildford GU1

Coffee, make-up, ketchup, dirt, juice, cooking oil stains… the variety of smudges that could land on your carpet is enormous. And, once they do, they will be very difficult to remove without ruining the fabric any further. Luckily, the carpet cleaners in Guildford GU1 have the right detergent for each colourful blob they’ll need to deal with! Make sure to inform the specialists of your rug’s material so that they could select the carpet cleaning method that suits your situation best.

Reap the Benefits of Your Local Service

We understand that our fair carpet cleaning Guildford GU1 prices alone will not be able to get you on board. That’s why we also have:

  • Flexible booking slots: Whether you want an equally priced workday, weekend, or bank holiday appointment depends solely on your preferences;
  • Around the clock phone lines: Call us 24/7 to manage bookings, receive answers to your questions, or simply learn more about our company;
  • Trusty technicians: All experts are certified, vetted, carry Ids and use Prochem-approved products;
  • Irresistible deals: You can step it up further and earn discounts by combining our service with upholstery, sofa, curtain, or mattress treatment.

Our experience shows that customers which have combined move out cleaning or domestic cleaning along with their carpet cleaning are more than satisfied with the results. But not only that, you save money and hassles this way!

Let’s Have a Look at Our Cleaning Options

Your rug type will largely determine which one of our cleaning services in Guildford GU1 would be the safest to use:

  • Dry carpet treatment: We’ll use spray and powder-based products to refresh the fibres of exotic carpets.
  • Steam carpet treatment: We’ll pre-treat all stains by injecting steam into your rug’s fabric.
  • Hot water extraction method: We’ll blast all smudges away with hot water under high pressure.

In addition to that, you can also add the aforementioned mattress, curtains, upholstery, & sofa cleaning into the mix for a fresher household!

What Makes Our Rug Cleaning Methods so Distinct?

Dry Guildford GU1 carpet cleaning, our first option on the list, is not designed to remove any kind of stains. Instead, the special cleaning products that the carpet technicians will use are aimed at improving the visual appearance of otherwise delicate sisal, seagrass, or other rugs.

What about steam carpet cleaning? It’s simple – the technician will use a special machine to warm up water up to a high temperature. The steam will then be injected and extracted back (together with all fluids or other adhesive materials) into the machine. In order to make this work, it is of key importance to mention the origin of the stain(s) in advance.

Our final option, hot water extraction cleaning, is the most frequently requested one. After placing pads beneath your furniture and finding out your carpet’s PH scale, the local expert will assemble the tubes of special equipment. The carpet machine will be filled with a mixture of detergents and water, which will be released under high pressure and later vacuumed away, together with all the dirt. Synthetic and woollen rugs will benefit the most from this method.

Don’t Stop Reaping Your Benefits Just Yet…

…Because you have much more coming your way:

  • Our popular hot water extraction cleaning can extract up to 95% of the remaining moisture!;
  • If you wish, we can apply a protective Scotchgard layer or use an Air Mover to dry out your rug in no time;
  • The Guildford GU1 carpet cleaners are more than willing to provide you with free viewings & tips on how to maintain your carpet;
  • Your local service is not hourly based and the specialist will only exit your front door once the desired result has been achieved.

Please be mindful of the fact that we cannot guarantee full stain removal!

Getting in Touch Has Never Been Easier

Take your pick – either dial or use our e-mail, online booking form, or real-time chat to hire Guildford GU1 carpet cleaners. One of our friendly representatives will want to know more about your rug’s type, size, and condition. Once you’ve provided all the answers, we’ll return the favour by granting you a free, non-obligation quote for your service!